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Mini Pan de Sal (Mini Filipino Dinner Rolls)

All ye bread lovers, I’m sure you know this moment. Oh yes, you do. It’s when you’re at a restaurant and your main course arrives. And you groan inwardly, thinking, ‘damn, I shouldn’t have eaten all those bread rolls!’ If you’ve got … Continue reading

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Cheesy French Toast with Nutella & Strawberries

For someone who loves chocolate so much, I actually discovered Nutella rather late in life when I was fifteen and started school in Australia. I think that’s what happens when you’re the only chocoholic in the family. I believe I … Continue reading

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Tropical Papaya Bread with Macadamias

This might sound like the craziest thing I’ve made, but then, I baked this three times in 24 hours so that trumps the former, I’m sure! The story is this: we were given a really large papaya (pawpaw, as it … Continue reading

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Mish-Mash Banana Bread

This post makes me reflect fondly on my time in uni, because the person who requested for this recipe is my friend, Rocky, who worked with me on a group project. Our group consisted on 10 students who worked really … Continue reading

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Maggie Beer’s Walnut Flat Bread

I think everyone knows by now that I’ve been following Masterchef religiously, and I was really fascinated with Maggie Beer’s walnut flat bread, which was part of the nightmare terrine episode. If anything looked particularly delicious on that serving board, … Continue reading

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