Australian Red Cross Big Cake Bake at the Kerbside Lane Markets

Big Cake Bake

Big Cake Bake

Guess what?!

Nah, no recipes today. Today’s post is about how I’m gonna spend all day baking, filling and frosting cupcakes tomorrow for Sunday’s cake stall to raise funds for the Red Cross. YAY! Extremely worthwhile cause, as I’m sure you will agree. Organised by Monkylicious, I will be baking with several other bloggers and we’ll be selling all these goodies at Kerbside (corner of Ann Street & Constance Street) on October 9th (yes, this Sunday!) from 1 pm to 6 pm. This event will cater to everyone, including vegans, so you have no excuse not to turn up! I tried to be discreet about what type of cupcakes I was making, but failed and now it’s all over twitterverse and Facebook. Major woops! I only hope I don’t end up disappointing everyone, haha!

Brown butter cupcakes filled with cookie dough and topped with cookie dough frosting

Brown butter cupcakes filled with cookie dough and topped with cookie dough frosting

For all those in Brisbane who would has nothing on their agenda for Sunday, please come along to Kerbside Lane Markets in Fortitude Valley for a brilliant time with cupcakes! Naturally, cupcakes make everything brilliant. True story. Even if you do have something on the agenda, you should still come along and bring your family, friends and frenemies. Nothing better than getting frosting all over your noses to make those age-old rivalries melt away. I think.

You can find the Facebook event page here or donate here if you can’t make it to the event. Hope to see you there snogging and snorting down cupcakes (and I mean that in a good way, really)!


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Twenty-two year old who loves coffee and chocolate too much for my own good. I bake in my free time and read food blogs until late in the night (avoid this; it causes hunger pangs!). If I had a bucket list, it'd consist of places that I'd like to dine at. I would love to learn about authentic French cuisine and I wish I could master making macarons - they're too darn intimidating. I whine about how unhealthy some foods can be, but I pack away dessert like I've been starving myself. This isn't much of a secret, but I adore McDonald's breakfast and French fries. I know I shouldn't! Oh, and I believe no one should eat mediocre food that they don't enjoy because it's not worth the calories.
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