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Classic Vanilla Cupcakes with Mango Buttercream Frosting

I have to say, I thought I was being creative when I decided to make these. I had time off work, so I started taking the butter out of the fridge to soften, removed the food processor and other dry … Continue reading

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Homemade Old Favourites Ice-Cream Cake

In Australia, there’s a chain of ice-cream stores called Cold Rock and its specialty is mixing together your favourite ice-cream with your favourite chocolate bar/s and fruits. Basically, they mash the ice-cream and chocolate/fruits together on an ice-cold stone and … Continue reading

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Food Porn Day: Oreo (Monster) Cupcakes

I wouldn’t normally consider writing about a recipe that didn’t turn out well, but the thing is the idea of these Oreo cupcakes by Beantown Baker (I called them Oreo monster cupcakes ’cause of the way they look) were great. … Continue reading

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Chicken, Bacon & Sundried Tomato ‘Parcels’

This is a lazy meal. Okay, if you haven’t closed this window, you may proceed! Buy four large chicken fillets (breast, thigh or mystery part); four slices of cheese which will melt beautifully; four slices of middle bacon; wooden skewers … Continue reading

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Food Porn Day: Pad See Ew for Beginners

When I told my family that I’d make pad see ew for dinner, it was really because I had a craving for fried rice noodles. I didn’t want to risk making char kueh teow though (knowing how difficult it is … Continue reading

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Post-Australian Red Cross Big Cake Bake!

Last Sunday, I took part in the Australian Red Cross Big Cake Bake along with several other Brisbane-based food bloggers. It was a really wonderful effort put together by┬áMonkylicious, so bravo to her for her hard work. Altogether, the amount … Continue reading

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Australian Red Cross Big Cake Bake at the Kerbside Lane Markets

Guess what?! Nah, no recipes today. Today’s post is about how I’m gonna spend all day baking, filling and frosting cupcakes tomorrow for Sunday’s cake stall to raise funds for the Red Cross. YAY! Extremely worthwhile cause, as I’m sure … Continue reading

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