Video: How to cut a mango in a criss-cross pattern

I had a short stint working part-time at a busy juice and smoothie bar in the city. During my first shift, I was given a bucket of apples and told to cut them up into pieces that would fit into the juicer. I grabbed a chopping board and I was told not to. Confused, I put it back and my workmate explained that it would be much quicker if I didn’t use the board and showed me how it was done. Soon enough, cutting apples became my favourite task and I didn’t really need to even look at what I was doing.

One thing I didn’t learn though, is how to cut mangoes. I was living with my cousin then, and she was a real mango lover, so she’d cut them into perfect little pieces. And then I left it to my mom. The thing is, there’s a big old seed right in the middle and it stumped me. How the heck do I cut… well, around it?! Well, one day I went to my aunt’s house and this is how she did it. Mom picked it up and she’s never looked back either. Well, it was high time for me to learn since Mom’s overseas and I bought a 5-pack of mangoes (only 3 dollars!).

Mango in a criss-cross pattern

I figured out how it was done, and I uploaded a picture onto Facebook, where someone left a comment with the word ‘HOW?’, and this was echoed by another cousin. Since I didn’t want to cut and paste a gazillion photos, I made a quick video! Hope it’s helpful to everyone else out there who wants an easy way to cut mangoes, or just wants it as a decorative piece. Have fun!


  • Look at the top of the fruit where the branch bit is and there is usually a straight indent. Cut above and below that and you can drag or scrape your knife across the seed.
  • Be careful where you put your fingers and of course, be gentle and don’t cut through the mango skin with the criss-cross patterns.
  • Peel off the skin around the seed, and don’t forget the eat the flesh surrounding it, which is perfectly good, possibly a bit fibrous.
  • Invert the mango halves and eat, but don’t bite into the skin as it’ll be bitter.

About saphster

Twenty-two year old who loves coffee and chocolate too much for my own good. I bake in my free time and read food blogs until late in the night (avoid this; it causes hunger pangs!). If I had a bucket list, it'd consist of places that I'd like to dine at. I would love to learn about authentic French cuisine and I wish I could master making macarons - they're too darn intimidating. I whine about how unhealthy some foods can be, but I pack away dessert like I've been starving myself. This isn't much of a secret, but I adore McDonald's breakfast and French fries. I know I shouldn't! Oh, and I believe no one should eat mediocre food that they don't enjoy because it's not worth the calories.
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2 Responses to Video: How to cut a mango in a criss-cross pattern

  1. thats incredible! thanks for sharing. i LOVE the content of your blog and cant wait to see what is to come

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